What If

I have been thinking about life after COVID-19 and wondering how we will change from this globally shared experience of anxiety, self-isolation and physical distancing. Although we will be glad to get back to “normal”, I hope that we all use this time to think about the positive ways we can change our lives going forward.

What if …

~ we become truly grateful for the important things and people in our lives.

~ we realize that we are all human and that everyone is equal.

~ we recognized that the true heroes are everyday people who serve our communities.

~ we look for opportunities to connect and practice kindness everyday.

~ we re-evaluate our material possessions and become more careful about buying what we love, purchasing local and minimizing unnecessary shopping.

~ we stop taking our freedom, our health and our world for granted.

~ we’ve all come together to save our seniors and our healthcare workers – what if we can use some of what we’ve learned from this experience to save our planet as well.

My wish for each of you is less fear, more hope, health and the time to think about the positives that you can take from this experience. We are all #In This Together!

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