In This Together

The printable and virtual resources on this website are provided free of charge for personal use with no expectations. However, if you are able to make good use of them and would like to make a small donation, it would certainly be appreciated!

“In This Together – Meal Kits” GoFundMe campaign is to raise money to make meal kits for local families hit the hardest by the COVID-19 crisis. Each kit will contain four easy comfort food meals (makes 16-20 meals), a gift card to buy the grocerIes to make them and a tip book for dealing with self-isolation and will be delivered to organizations serving low-income families.

It is also the story of a tiny house (Happinest) and four chocolate bars … in case you’d like to know how this got started.

My tiny house lifestyle is what has allowed me to make a difference during this global crisis … by staying connected with friends and family, showing appreciation and doing what I can to help my community.

I have always loved my tiny house … but have never been more grateful for it than in the last two weeks. In addition to giving me a safe place to self-isolate, it has made me realize that if I lost my job, my very low housing costs would make that significantly less stressful compared to so many others who are carrying high mortgage or rent payments.

And it has given me extra time and disposable income that have been put to good use during this crisis. I have been able tooffer financial assistance to friends and family who lost their jobs this week. I have donated money to local organizations. And I have become a Faerie Chocolatier and am in the process of becoming a Caring Community ambassador (making and delivering meal kits).

It all started on a whim. My co-workers were going to be leaving the office to work from home during the period needed for self-isolation. I decided to bring in some emergency chocolate to lighten the mood. I used my digital scrapbooking program to make personalized labels for the bars. They were a simple gesture but a big hit!

This idea snowballed from there and led to:

  • Buying more chocolate bars to do doorstep deliveries and mailed packages to family and friends of a personal letter and emergency chocolate.
  • Wanting to show appreciation to local healthcare workers.
  • A new #FirstLineHeroes label with a thank you message insert.
  • My daughter and I making 175 bars (and printing another 150 virtual versions) that were delivered to our three local hospitals. Judging by this posting on a local Facebook page, I think they were appreciated J
  • Other people asking if they could use my ideas.
  • A simple website – – to share free printable and virtual versions of the emergency chocolate bar wrappers (in several variations) and the Caring Community kit inserts.
  • Ordering supplies to make the first 35 Caring Community meal kits.
  • Joining forces with other entrepreneurs in my family to fundraise for this project.

What I don’t yet know is how many families we will be able to impact with the Caring Community kits. It will be a minimum of 50 with hopes for many more.

What I do know, however, is that none of this would have been possible without my tiny house and my spur-of-the-moment decision to buy four little chocolate bars on my way to work.

I am feeling blessed by the opportunity to make a small difference during a time of intense challenge and upheaval in our world!