Dealing with COVID-19

This is part of a letter that I sent my family shortly after our world shifted due to the declaration of COVID-19 reaching pandemic status:

I have been thinking about just how much our world and daily lives have changed in the last week because of something that we can’t even see! The adjustments we need to make to protect ourselves and the vulnerable members of our families and communities are hard but there are positives as well and I know that looking for those – whether in the form of humour, good news stories, learning about ways people are coming up with to stay connected and to be kind to one another – are what will help me get through the coming weeks or however long it takes to conquer this crisis.

I am committing to:

~ supporting the local businesses that will struggle the most with this.

~ supporting and promoting businesses and individuals who are going above and beyond in this crisis by offering free advice for dealing with the crisis and helping their communities, employees and customers to deal with the impact of this new reality.

~ being gentle with myself – doing my best to eat healthy and be active – but not feeling guilty on the days that it doesn’t happen.

~ taking advantage of some of the free (that normally aren’t) resources such as classes, concerts, tours, etc. ~ noticing and being grateful for the positives I will find each day.

~ doing my part to “social distance” and “self isolate” as much as possible but continuing to be available to help those who can’t or shouldn’t be going out at all.

~ doing my best to stay connected virtually in the myriad of ways available to us.~ looking for the takeaways from this that might help me live an even better life once things return to “normal”.

We truly are all in this together – whether it is family, community or globally. It will be overwhelming at times so please reach out when you need support. Let’s make the best of this forced situation – and look forward to visits and hugs again in the near future!