Author: kkehler

What If

I have been thinking about life after COVID-19 and wondering how we will change from this globally shared experience of anxiety, self-isolation and physical distancing. Although we will be glad to get back to “normal”, I hope that we all use this time to think about the positive ways we can change our lives going […]

This website – and the projects I’ve been able to do during the COVID-19 crisis – was all made possible because I live in a 240 square foot tiny house, which gives me affordable housing and some disposable income. You can read the story on “In This Together” page if you are interested in learning […]

Dealing with COVID-19

This is part of a letter that I sent my family shortly after our world shifted due to the declaration of COVID-19 reaching pandemic status: I have been thinking about just how much our world and daily lives have changed in the last week because of something that we can’t even see! The adjustments we […]